Saturday, November 28, 2009


Samuel has been experiencing so many things for the first time this week! Of course it was his first Thanksgiving on Thursday, and he also took his first steps that night. Friday was his first Black Friday (which is a holiday in my book) experience. J, Sam and I headed up to Fairview, the nearest good shopping, which is over an hour away, at about 3:30 a.m. Friday morning in order to arrive at Babies 'R Us before they opened so we could be sure to get some of their wipes that were on a fabulous sale before they ran out. He was great! He went right back to sleep as soon as we started driving and slept the whole way. He woke up once we got him out of the car to stand in line (it wasn't that cold, and he had on a coat, hat and blanket) and sat in the cart watching the chaos while in the store, then fell back asleep on the way home. Diapers and wipes. That was all we bought. The diapers were only $3 a pack, and the wipes were $5 a box. Those are really great deals, but in retrospect, I think we were pretty crazy to do that. I wanted to stay up there and shop more, but I knew we would just spend a bunch of money we didn't have, and we're trying to get OUT of debt, so we just went home. At home Dad was up, and wanting to go to Wal-Mart to see if they had any good deals. So, I fed Sam, a short intermission, and we were off to Wal-Mart, which is in the next town, about 15 minutes away. Dad got Sam a really nice activity table that he absolutely ADORES!! And it says everything in Spanish and English. Nice. I want him to learn Spanish, but I don't know it, so that might be a small hurdle. Anyway, we finally came back home and I got to sleep at about 9:30 a.m. J never did go to sleep until Friday night. He had a bunch of coffee and junk. He's crazy.

Today, was another first for Sam. It was his first play at a real theatre, my very favorite one: The Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO. St. Louis is the closest big city, and I love it!! I totally want to live there, but J refuses. It's about an hour and a half from our house. So, today we all went and saw Little House on the Prairie, the musical. It was great!! I loved it! My Mom used to read that whole series out loud to us when I was little, so I'm nostalgic about it. Sam really loved it too, and showed his love in loud screams and babblings. This irritated me immensely, because he wasn't even supposed to be there. I was not irritated at Sam. I was irritated at J, because he was supposed to have watched Sam elsewhere while Mom and I went to the play. About 10 minutes before we left, however, Mom offers to buy his ticket and so he goes, and so does Sam. We had to buy a ticket for Sam ($21) even though he's only 9 months old!! This was also irritating. But I managed to get over it, and enjoy the play. J sort of redeemed himself by going out in intermission to refill the parking meter and by taking Sam out and putting him to sleep (temporarily) when he got loud. At least he wasn't the only baby there. I heard at least two other babies making noise also. I had pumped early this morning and took a bottle to keep him quiet during the performance. Yeah, right. It lasted about 5 minutes, and he had finished it off. So, the best way of keeping him quiet was to breastfeed him. That worked great! So, I had him under my shirt most of the play. So, I'm glad Sam got to see his first play, but next time there will be a baby-sitter that won't back out.